Ben & Jerry’s reintroduces the Irish-inspired ice cream for St. Patrick’s Day festivities | Photo by Demis Gallisto on Flickr

Ben & Jerry’s Has Just the Treat for You This St. Patrick’s Day After Enjoying a Pint

Dublin Mudslide is your pot of gold

Jarvis Wai-Ki Clarke
2 min readMar 17, 2022


Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Ben & Jerry’s is welcoming back their 2004 fan-favourite flavour: Dublin Mudslide. This time, it’s backed by a renewed corporate social responsibility that’s worth salivating over.

Whether for the first or the fiftieth time, you can now enjoy a tub of the special flavour alongside or after your Guinness. It’s sure to be a new favourite or a nostalgic hit from the iconic Vermont-based ice cream parlour chain.

After a short, yet successful, initial stint of three years in production, the Dublin Mudslide is now poised to score another landslide victory — on the already winning platform of delicious Irish cream liqueur, chocolate chip cookies, and coffee fudge swirls.

Delicious Dublin Mudslide by Ben & Jerry’s

This time, the company is kicking it up a notch with the iconic flavour, now spiking it with Wheyward Spirit, a new and exciting spirit made from whey. No whey!

As a nutrient-dense byproduct of cheese and yogurt production, whey, in this instance, is being put to rather good use. Some of the estimated 130 billion pounds worth of annual food waste associated with whey is, effectively, redirected, according to a Ben & Jerry’s press release.

Wheyward Spirit further celebrates the beauty and the creativity of leveraging an otherwise simple waste product for the creation of an awesome spirit. Needless to say, it’s all done in good spirit to “serve the greater good and guarantee a good time.” Now, that’s the spirit!

In true spirit, the childhood duo behind the sweet ice cream brand is resurrecting the flavour from their unique and whimsical Flavor Graveyard — but with this renaissance also comes a sweet bonus of sustainably sourced whey from domestic dairies.

Non-GMO, fair-trade, and cage-free: Ben & Jerry’s, moreover, sources its ingredients responsibly, which definitely makes each Dublin Mudslide scoop that much sweeter.

With the extra boozy splash, you’ll also get the “signature flavour of oaky hints of vanilla cream and warm spice notes, rounded with a subtle pear aroma,” according to Wheyward Spirit, making it the perfect addition to an already delectable treat.

In a timely celebration of Women’s History Month, it’s also worth shining the spotlight on Wheyward Spirit CEO and food scientist Emily Darchuk, highlighting a “part of a new generation of women revolutionizing the male-dominated wine and spirits industry,” as reported by Ben & Jerry’s.

This collaboration not only yields a more sustainable version of an old favourite but also a terrific treat for those who love their sweets with an environmental conscience — so be sure to check your store’s freezers this St. Patrick’s Day.

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