Avocado toast would never be the same adorned with semi-frozen bitter chunks | Photo by Karolin Baitinger on Unsplash

Consider Skipping the Frozen Aisle for this Bumpy-Skinned Fruit

A frozen bag might boast a longer shelf life and a lower price point — but boy is it at the expense of taste and texture

Avocados: They’re the oh-so-creamy, fatty — in the good sense of the word — healthy green addition to your morning toast ritual or your favourite lunch salad.

Add them to virtually anything and it’s a guaranteed meal in a snap, thanks to their ability to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

But biting into frozen chunks of avocado will have you questioning life decisions. Starting with: Why is this so inhospitably — and quite unfairly — bitter?

Or the equally challenging question of how this fruit sends an average of 24 poor souls to the ER every day — but that’s a whole other matter.

From a large bag found at Costco to a small pouch available at your local grocery store, you might, however, think that having a supply stashed in the freezer would do you a great service — the convenience, the long shelf life, and the cost savings. And yet, it isn’t entirely the case.

Even as you feel the pinch of price volatility in the avocado market, eating something that’s so incredibly bitter — to the point of being inedible — seems a lot more bitter and costly than having to pay more for the fresh avocados.

While you can practically find any fruit or vegetable that has been peeled, chopped, and flash-frozen just the same — marketed as “just picked” — frozen avocados really do not hold up well to the freshness claim, let alone one of flavour.

Because the taste and the texture are decidedly different — they’re, frankly, second-rate.

But even before tucking into the beautifully creamy, fresh avocado, time is always of the essence — it’s either a race against time or a play at the waiting game.

You cut it open to enjoy the one half, but keep the rest covered in the fridge to use up later; you gamble on which ones to keep out on the counter to ripen, for only time will tell; and you sometimes even end up discarding the ones that went too far.

Well, frozen avocado chunks have their very own time constraints. They can require an hour to thaw at room temperature for bigger chunks; 30 minutes or so for smaller ones. And if that’s too inconvenient, they can be zapped in the microwave at 20-second intervals — however many that may take. Frustrating.

And yet, when it comes to finally eating the defrosted pieces — it’s a disaster. Squishy, chewy, gummy, sour, and bitter: It’s an assault on the senses. To which, the taste and texture resemble nothing of the glorious avocado.

It’s a bizarre experience. And you’ll have this unpleasant lingering aftertaste. In fact, it’s almost like eating a bunch of super unripe avocados at once — nothing that can be easily salvaged or stomached.

And the culprit: It’s likely the added citric acid and ascorbic acid that just don’t jibe with the high fat and water content of the avocados.

Without letting the beautiful, vibrant green colour fool you, either, the frozen avocado struggles to even produce a pleasant smoothie.

It’s simply too bitter on its own as the primary ingredient — but it might fare better if combined in a smaller quantity with other fruits.

It’s disappointing to say that even an aggressive seasoning of salt, pepper, and chilli can’t help its underlying problems.

Deciding what on earth to do with that frozen bag? You might just have to make a big batch of super spicy and garlicky guacamole to do the trick.

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