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From Latte to Spa: Don’t Discard Your Coffee Grounds but Reuse Them Instead in These 3 Ways

Work with this common kitchen waste product into other daily routines at home

If you’re tossing your spent coffee grounds into the compost, thinking that they’ve done their job, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee — but in a rather good way — because their contract isn’t up just yet. Hard to believe, coffee grounds have other important responsibilities.

With working, studying, and staying at home more than ever before, it turns out that you not only have more caffeine in your system but also more reason to enjoy an extra cup of your favourite brew. Since you probably have an abundance of used coffee grounds every day, why not repurpose them in other new and exciting ways.

Here are three great ways to leverage leftover coffee grounds that are as far away from their intended use and purpose.

1 | Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells

To relax as much as possible during the uncertainty of the world, turn your morning ritual in to an evening retreat. Because of their coarse, sand-like texture, used coffee grounds fit the bill for some truly abrasive, yet beautifying, action. For cracked heels and dry hands, prepare a DIY scrub for your next spa day treatment at home. To soothe your hands and feet, simply mix in your favourite essential oils.

2 | Get Help With Hardened Food Particles

Adept at sorting out hardened skin, leftover coffee grounds are likewise made for the tough job of tackling pesky, stuck-on food bits on pots, pans, and plates. After your morning — and perhaps all the way up to lunchtime — run of coffee, simply set aside however much you’ll need for after cooking. For easier washing up, combine the grounds with your dish detergent to form a paste; rub it gently against stubborn spots to aid with lifting burnt and dried food; and rinse away as per usual.

3 | Get Rid of Smells Around the House

Similar to baking soda, dried leftover coffee grounds are effective at eliminating unpleasant smells. With the fridge and the garbage as centres of organic matter, they can sometimes become overwhelmed with unwanted odours. Thankfully, there’s a quick remedy with coffee. Simply allow your used grounds to dry out before strategically placing them in spots with lingering aromas. Set them up in an uncovered container of your choice, placing them towards the back of your fridge wall, below your garbage bag, or underneath your sink.

While you may not find a pleasant taste with reusing your coffee grounds for a second cup, you’ll certainly create many more solutions from them. Enjoy your favourite drip coffee or espresso beverage with added eco-benefits.

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