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Which Sauces Pair Well with Oven Roasted Chicken?

A sauce truly complements and completes the meal

Jarvis Wai-Ki Clarke
2 min readMar 12, 2022


Suffice to say, for many households, “winner, winner chicken dinner” is sitting down at the table with a beautiful oven-roasted chicken.

It puts a smile on everyone’s face. And it invites some healthy competition over claiming different parts of the bird.

After what has been divvied up, juices that flow from the centrepiece are what's left. For some, they’re just perfect. For others, a proper sauce is yet all that’s missing.

Some chicken dinners aren’t necessarily winners, after all — they can be a little dry. The answer to this problem is to make a sauce.

But which sauces go well with the bird? Here are some easy recipe ideas for the best sauces to go with your roast chicken.

Dress Up the Chicken Juices

Those with past experiences of roasting chickens can give a ballpark figure of the volume of drippings that typically show up in the pan. Some leave them alone, seeing how they’re perfect as they are, while others use them to make a sauce or a gravy.

For most, the chicken’s juices are enough of a blessing, to which there’s no need to make an accompanying sauce. You may, however, add a few extra ingredients to elevate the natural flavours of the pan drippings.

For example, in a pot, caramelize some sliced onions, then pour in the reserved pan drippings, followed by a touch of cold butter. Whisk until you get a sauce-like consistency; immediately serve it with your roasted chicken.

Make a Classic Mushroom Sauce

Champignons is the French translation for mushrooms. And they’re certainly champions at pairing well with the super savoury flavour of roasted chicken in the form of a satisfying sauce. In fact, a mushroom sauce is a classic.

To make the sauce, in a saucepan over medium heat, simply brown shallots and sliced mushrooms in some butter. Then add a little bit of flour to form a blond roux, such that the mixture thickens.

Afterwards, add a splash of wine and the collected chicken juices; bring to a boil. Finish with a splash of fresh cream to make a scrumptious mushroom sauce.

Refer to Other Easy Sauce Recipes

There are many other terrific foundational sauces around for an enjoyable roast chicken dinner. Bearnaise sauce, barbecue sauce, or creamy mustard sauce are all tasty examples that are easy to make with common pantry ingredients.

While it’s difficult to improve upon an already delicious roast chicken, a sauce can make it even more memorable and enjoyable.

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